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My Introduction/I'm Japanese forex trader. And my experience in forex market.

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If you have some problem for coding the forextester indicator,I can advise to you.Contact me.
If you don't enough time or experience to write the forextester code,I can help you with budget price.

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Message Board for Forexteseter indicator programming

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Build Sample Program

If you don't have experience for building the forextester indicator source code,please visit here first.

(1)Build Sample Project I'll explain what you do need to build sample forextester indicator program.
(2)Build Sample Project Build the sample program in forextester exsample indicator program(Ishimoku).

Forextester Indicator Programming

(1)Technique for converting MQL4 to Forextester dll


Sample Indicator and Source Code Sample Source Code(My indicator and Forextester's example indicator transferred from delphi to vc++) and Dll
Indicator Bank Free downloadable indicator without source code