(2)Build Sample Indicator Program

Now, I'll show you how to build the sample program.This time, I'm going to build ishimoku,which is in the (forextester)/Examples/Indicators/C++/Ishimoku.cpp.
In (forextester)/Examples/Indicators/C++/ folder,you'll find the following files.

|- IndicatorInterfaceUnit.h (Header File)
|- Ishimoku.cpp (Main Program File)
|- Ishimoku.def (Module Definition File)
|- readme.txt ( Shows how to build the file)
|- TechnicalFunctions.h (Header File)

If you want these files, click here to download.


Suppose you can build sample project file and run the sample indicator as in (1)Build Sample Project.
If you cannot run the sample indicator,please contact me.

To create a dynamic link library (DLL) project

(1)On the menu bar, choose File, New, Project.
(2)In the left pane of the New Project dialog box, expand Installed, Templates, Visual C++, and then select Win32.
(3)In the center pane, select Win32 Console Application.
(4)Specify a name for the project—for example, Ishimoku(Current sample indicator name) in the Name box. Specify a name for the solution—for example, Ishimoku—in the Solution name box. Choose the OK button.
(5)On the Overview page of the Win32 Application Wizard dialog box, choose the Next button.
(6)On the Application Settings page, under Application type, select DLL.
(7)Check box on "Empty Project"
(8)Choose the Finish button to create the project.

Copy the files and customizing the project

(1)Copy the files(two header files and Ishimoku.cpp,Ishimoku.def) on the project folder.(MyDocument/Visual Studio2010/Projects/Ishimoku/Ishimoku)
(2)Launch VC++ and Ishimoku projects
(3)Click SourceFile Folder in solution explorer,and [Shift]+[Alt]+[A] and select Ishimoku.def,Ishimoku.cpp
(4)Click HeaderFile Folder in solution explorer,and [Shift]+[Alt]+[A] and select two header files
(5)Choose [Release] ( Not [Debug]) at the upper combobox.
(6)Press [Alt]+[F7] Property page will appear.
(7)[Linker]->[Input]->[Module Definition File] and input "Ishimoku.def"
(8)Click [OK]
(9)Press [F7] and forextester indicator dll will be generated.
(10)If you find error message regarding header file,please replace header file InndicatorInterfaceUnit.h .You can download bug-fixed verion here.

Try the built indicator

The indicator is built on (project folder)/Ishimoku/Release/Ishimoku.dll
Launch forextester and On forextester2/3 chart, [Right Click]->[Add Indicator]->[Ishimoku].