(1)Build Sample Project

What you need for building forextester indicator

In order to build the sample indicator in forextester2/3, we need the following

Windows PC (with XP,Vista,7,8,10)
Visual C++ 2010(or higher) - ( If your PC is not installed,please use this link to install Visual C++2010 )
Forextester2/3 (Of course,you've already downloaded!?)

(1) Please download my package for sample indicator.(download here)

Extracted my zip file includes

|-SampleIndicator.sln( Solution File )
   |- SampleIndicator.dll( Compiled dll)
   |- SampleIndicator.cpp(Indicator Source Code)
   |- SampleIndicator.def( Export Definition File)
   |- IndicatorInterfaceUnit.h( Header File needed for Indicator)
   |- TechnicalFunctions.h( Header File needed for Indicator)

(2) Double Click SampleIndicator/SampleIndicator.sln, and Visual C++ will be launched.

(3) Press [F7], and the source code will be built.

(4) SampleIndicator/Release/SampleIndicator.dll is the dll files for forextester2/3.

(5) Install the dll by (In forextester2/3) [File]->[Install]->[Install New Indicator] and select the dll above.

(6) On forextester2/3 chart, [Right Click]->[Add Indicator]->[SampleIndicator]

This SampleIndicator is Indicator of Simple Moving Average.