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Hi,I'm Japanese forex trader,living in Tokyo.

After five years of tough experience,I can get a profit from forex market.

'Cos I have a experience for working as a programmer,I can make a source code for forextester indicator programming. I have not found web page for forextester indicator programming,so I set up a web page for those who want to write the code for forextester indicator.

If you're in a hurry to code the forextester indicator,I'll help you for budget price.(Of course,the price depends on the code difficulty.)

If you want to contact me for any reasons,send the mail by clicking here or send directly to zxd00132@nifty.com
It took five years to become profitable forex trader.

At first three years,I tried to be successful scalper but I failed after all.

I abondoned the Japanese forex web page,and tried to see the resources from foreign country.

And gradually my forex attitude to become successful has established,but it took much time.

And I found to become the fundamental trader is my key to successful trading.

I tried to become successful by backtesting by forextester,but it didn't work out.